Model I1

Interface your custom controller via programmable USB.

Download the full manual (PDF) here

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The Rabbit Engineering Model I1 allows you to convert your own input devices - buttons, switches, potentiometers, and rotary encoders - into key presses and joystick inputs via USB. Configure what each of your input devices does via a simple config file that is read via SD card! This is a great affordable and flexible solution for home cockpit builders or PC-based arcade cabinet builders.

Works on Windows, Mac, Linux and the Raspberry Pi.

Product features

42 configurable inputs:

  • All can be used as binary IO, each using one of two modes:
  • Push-Hold – the event occurs as long as the button is held down (for pushbuttons).
  • Push-Nohold – the event occurs only once, regardless of push duration (for single events coming out of toggle switches)
  • All can be used to sense 21 rotary encoders (2 inputs needed per rotary). Clockwise rotation sends one event, Counterclockwise rotation sends a different event.
  • 6 can be configured as analog inputs, sensing a 10K potentiometer (linear or logarithmic)

Inputs can generate any of the following events:

  • Keypress/release – single key, or with one modifier key (Shift, Ctrl, Alt)
  • Joystick button press (one of 32 buttons)
  • Analog inputs can be mapped to one of 6 joystick axes

Configuration via SD card

  • Configuration of the inputs is done by modifying a text file in an SD card which is read when the device is plugged into the USB port.

Package contents

  • The device (two parts – the processor, and the disk drive, with custom cable for connection)
  • 3D printed PLA housing and brackets (supports bolting and gluing to your project)
  • An SD card with sample configuration file
  • A 22 page manual on configuring the device, including notes on good switches/rotaries to use, and how to configure them
  • A 3 foot (1 meter) USB cable
  • A 30 day DOA guarantee – if the device does not operate, return it for a full refund of the price (excluding shipping)